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Interesting facts arround the crypto world and bitcoin

How do Bitcoin Faucets finance themselves?

The site owners finance themselves by presenting banner ads on the pages. Currently, these are mostly hints to other Faucets or other providers from the Bitcoin world. Not to imagine if at some point large companies would emerge with thick marketing budgets..

Auto faucets and faucet rotators

Auto faucets and faucet rotators are two tricks that people have found to get around needing to sit at a computer, clicking through faucet pages. That being said, because they automate (or semi-automate in the case of faucet rotators) the process, you also don’t earn much at all, and it’s not necessarily a good idea to use them.

How To Know a Faucet is a SCAM

There are many faucets, but some are scams.

It is mostly a waste of time, as a material loss. Nevertheless, one wants to handle this situation as well as possible.

The History of Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets were invented by Gavin Andresen in 2010.

Earn more from crypto faucets

Use the tips above to get the most from your faucets. Beyond that, there are some other things you’ll need to know so that you keep your free earnings:

Quick guide to crypto faucets

What is a (crypto) faucet ?

Crypto faucets give you free bitcoin (or other altcoins). Although not exactly for free, actually it is an exhausting and really boring way to make a decent amount of money out of it but it’s not impossible. I would add that it would be more profitable and practical to use cloud mining, as for a few dollars you can get a mining contract that would equal the money you get from claiming your hard earned satoshis (1/100.000.000 BTC).

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