Used bots at Faucets - pros and cons

People always go the easiest way. And of course everyone wants to earn the best possible. It is very popular to use bots that automate claiming. Although there is an ethical reason not to use bots, here are some pros and cons of faucet bots:

The process of earning is accelerated and the user has virtually nothing to do.

Maximum payout is achieved. With bots you can reach the payout limit on some faucets faster.

It's a tragedy for the community. Bots kill taps because advertisers do not want to pay the CPMs (the usual form of paying for tap advertising) when they know it's not a real person looking at their ads. This ultimately harms the users and the faucets.

Owners of faucets and providers of micro wallets are increasingly able to recognize bots. If your bot is recognized, you lose all accumulated revenue. Very often locks are imposed and you can no longer use the faucet.

If the bot is not well coded or analyzed, you can not know how the bot responds. Using a bot for a few cents is often more time-consuming than providing benefits.


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